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Trusted Referrals

Find the right professionals for your practice through our referrals. Practice With Honor is pleased to recommend the following specialists in fee negotiations and legal matters related to the dental industry.

Fee Negotiations — Becky Balok

We recommend Becky Balok, owner of BB Dental Consulting, Inc. "Maximizing Revenue & Minimizing Write-Offs" is the tagline on her business card. Becky is very well known among insurance companies, and Dr. Charles Blair frequently refers to her.

Becky is a seasoned dental professional with over 30 years in our profession. She does not need to advertise, and all her business comes from referrals. You can reach Becky at (602) 908-8118. We do not accept referral fees, but please tell her how you heard about her. Practice with Honor LLC exclusively uses Becky for all our clients in need of these types of services.

Dental Attorney — Jeff J. P.C.Tonner

Jeff Tonner is an attorney specializing in the dental industry, and we have used his services and referred him extensively to our clients. Suzanne Robinson attended Jeff's malpractice lecture in the late 1990s at the Arizona Dental Convention, and his information changed her life. Suzanne is all about protecting her clients' licenses, and Jeff Tonner's information provided her with valuable information to help her do so.

Jeff's books and clinical notes templates are essential materials for all dental practices. He is also very involved in transitions and sales. Below is an excerpt from Jeff's website. Visit the site directly for all his books and products, including his clinical notes templates to assist you in protecting your license. We highly recommend Jeff Tonner and use him exclusively.

About the Dental Advocate

Jeff Tonner is one of the only US attorneys to devote a full-time law practice advocating for dentists. He has faced dental boards, judges, juries and arbitrators in nearly every type of dental-legal action. Since 1988, he has exclusively represented dentists and dental offices with skill, expertise and notable success. He defends dental practices and promotes understanding of relevant legal issues in the following areas:

  • Dental Board and Civil Malpractice Actions
  • Offering Professional Education Seminars
  • Drafting and Reviewing Dental-Legal Contracts
  • Brokering Dental Practice Transitions
  • Assisting in Employment Issues and General Business Matters