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  • ·     "Your practice doesn't need a laser, or a Cerec, or -- IT NEEDS SUE!! We've been working with Sue for almost a year. Almost a year ago I didn't know if our business would still be open in a year. I was determined to try, but at a loss for what to do. We'd hit hard times in Michigan, and my patients were saying no to treatment regularly. We didn't know what to do. Then came Sue. In nothing more complicated than some hour long conference calls every few weeks, from the other side of the country, Sue righted our ship. The economy in Michigan has gotten steadily worse over the last year, with many of our patients losing their dental benefits. Despite that, with the tools that Sue has given us, our patients are saying yes to treatment again, and we are focused back where we need to be. She helped us trim the excess fat and take home paychecks again. I'll be honest, I think times are going to be hard for a while, that is just the way of it, but thanks to Sue, we have to tools to make it for the long haul. She is truly an angel." ~Dr. Dawn GK or  2010  Dr. Daisy, Member

  • One and a half years ago, I acquired an existing dental practice that was in a state of decline. Sue has been a valuable advisor during the practice's revitalization. First, she has been a terrific sounding board for me. Sue helped me identify and prioritize goals for practice growth. She strived to keep me on track and out of procrastination mode by setting time frames for these goals. Sue has provided easy, low-cost marketing ideas that brought new patients into the practice and kept new patients interested in us. Through her Life Coach skills, I am developing as a leader who can guide myself and staff toward achieving goals, while keeping the focus on work/family balance. Thanks Sue!
— Jan W. DDS

  • Suzanne Robinson's 'Living with Honor Seminar' is a seminar whose time has come! My staff and I have attended numerous seminars, which directed us to design the proper recall systems, develop mission statements, write goals, etc, but none taught us to Practice Dentistry from our Hearts! Suzanne is raising the consciousness of all by teaching us to Live, Work and Love with INTEGRITY! Our office is now functioning at its highest state and having fun! Thanks Suzanne.
— Dr. Diane W.
LVI Senior Clinical Instructor

  • Sue has brought a tremendous amount of organization, positive new ideas and policies to our office. We have seen a dramatic increase in our production and collections, as well as a reduction in our no-show appointments! She helped our staff appreciate each other and develop a wonderful work environment. I highly recommend her for practice growth and success consulting.
— Natalie C.
RDH from the office of Dr. Sid D, Flagstaff, AZ