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Boost your revenue with coaching and training from Practice With Honor LLC's owner, Suzanne Robinson. She is a certified coach and trainer specializing in case acceptance, inter office relationships, dental office administration and outstanding insurance claims recovery. She offers one-on-one training by phone or on site. Her expertise and follow up support will help you increase production, enhance team and patient relationships, recover stagnant dollars and gain new patients.

Overdue Accounts Recovery

Collecting on overdue accounts can be difficult, so it's best to leave it to the professionals. We provide daily insurance billing services and outstanding claims cleanup. Our team could help you bring in thousands of dollars by collecting outstanding insurance claims. With our help, you'll maximize your chances of getting paid faster. Your team will learn how to:

  • Submit Clean Claims
  • Communicate Effectively with Your Insurance Representative
  • Ensure You're Properly Credentialed with the Insurance Companies
  • Check on Insurance Benefits
  • Ask the Correct Questions for Your Specific Practice Procedures
  • Collect Unpaid Claims Properly
  • Post Insurance Payments with the Correct Adjustments
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Front Office Systems

Increasing efficiency and organizational skills can dramatically lower the costs of running a dental office. We show you how to implement effective front office systems that maximize individual strengths and minimize individual weaknesses. Using checklists and proven techniques, you'll be able to deal with anything the day throws at you. We also work with dentists themselves to ensure the changes are sustained even as staff members come and go. Training includes:

  • Case Acceptance Training
  • Telephone Scripts & Tips
  • Time Management Skills
  • Scheduling Scripts & Tips
  • Mindfulness for Better Patient Care
  • Mindfulness for Better Customer Service Management

Case Acceptance

Increasing your case acceptance rate is essential to providing better dental care and boosting revenue. We teach your treatment coordinator to be a patient advocate and have more productive conversations with patients regarding treatment and finances. He or she will learn to create treatment action plans and unscheduled treatment reports that will lead to more acceptances. Production will increase, along with your patients' overall health and satisfaction.

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Scheduling makes a big difference to your bottom line. You schedulers will learn how to increase appointment commitments, decrease no-shows and cancellations, and fill holes in your schedule. By communicating with patients effectively, you'll ensure that your office - not the patient - has control of the schedule.

Telephone Skills

Generate new patient appointments using the phone, email, and social media. We train your staff to turn prospective patients into booked appointments. They'll also learn how to communicate with difficult people and create loyal patients who will refer friends and family members to your practice.

Reactivating Patients

Learn how to reconnect with those patients who are overdue for recall or have failed to schedule treatment. We show you how to get former patients back into your office.

Mindfulness Coaching for Dental Hygienists

Mindfulness plays a role in everything you do. Using simple techniques, you can become happier and more productive at work. One client went from producing $1,000 a day to more than $4,700 the next day just by practicing mindfulness. Our mindfulness coaching program teaches hygienists to use communication strategies that work with their personality and language style. They'll also become more open-minded and willing to try new ways of being. The result is a fresh outlook on their work.

Our hygienist coaching is delivered by Suzanne Robinson and Marie O'Neill RDH, a veteran hygienist with more than 39 years of experience. The program can be delivered at your location or over the phone. We come to your site for a half-day or full-day workshop that includes an extensive question-and-answer session. The one-on-one phone coaching includes a series of four confidential phone calls.

Training Options:

  • Four Training/Coaching Sessions by Phone — Each training session is at least one hour.
  • On-Site, Shoulder-to-Shoulder Training - This is our most popular option. Training takes place while you see patients, so no production time is lost.

Morado Dental Academy

Learn from the comfort of your home or dental office. I am honored to be a faculty member with Morado Dental Academy. There are many dental experts on board to provide a learning experience that is a cut above the rest. Check them out.

Morado Dental Academy

Below are a view course titles for your review.

What would you like to learn today?

Front Office Courses

  • Scheduling Mastery
  • Accounts Recovery
  • First Impressions

Leadership & Administrative Courses

  • Hire Train and Retain | Corporate HR System
  • TRM | Team Resource Management Training
  • Case Acceptance | Educate and Involve Your Patients
  • Leadership for the Ages | Understanding Generational Differences

Clinical Courses

  • Dental Photography Made Easy  | Set it and Forget it Your camera is a valuable tool.
  • SOS | The Spirit of Service
  • Radiation Health & Safety | A Comprehensive Exam Preparation